Understanding Hand-Flapping and What To Do (or Not Do) About It

ASpiring Dad

My 5 year old daughter has been hand-flapping (literally flapping both of her hands for one to a few seconds at a time) since a very early age. It was kind of cute when she used to do at 1 or 2 years old as if she was a little bird or butterfly trying to take flight. Of course, at that time we knew nothing of autism and that hand-flapping is one of its tell-tale signs (but not necessarily a definite sign of it).

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Day 18, the sequel…..

Enough already

Gloomily I had a bowl of bran flakes this morning. I can’t take no more Ma, I’s feelin’ awful bad.

I haven’t lost any weight this week and I am TOTALLY sick to death of protein. I just can’t stomach any more today. I have decided to give myself a break today, have some carbs, have some veg, relax and try to understand that I am not in any kind of a race with anyone. It’s just me and the scales and driving myself crazy and craving isn’t going to help me.

I do not consider myself defeated although I can’t BELIEVE how stubborn my fat deposits are.

Survival eh? I’d have thought my body would starve to death MUCH more easily!!!

18 Days

|Exert from the ‘Dukan Diet’ pages……

 I lost 10 pounds in a month even with a few slip-ups, and for th last few days, I have not shed even a pound!

You lost 10 pounds and I think this is EXTRAORDINARY considering your slip-ups. Moreover losing weight as quickly as you did means your body has to stop in its tracks for a short while in order to adjust to the weight loss process. Your body doesn’t like to see its reserves melting and it takes it some time to adapt. Believe me, this stagnation occurs in every diet, especially when the weight loss is fast, but I assure you the weight will keep dropping at about 2 pounds a week now. Keep at it and come back in a few days to let me know. Until then, make sure you exercise and if you can push yourself that little bit more, it will help you go onto a new threshold faster.

Day 16

10st 7lbs

Today I weakened and had AN APPLE. Just like in the Garden of Eden I was naked in the kitchen, whilst the workmen painted the windows, and temptation visited me in the form of the apple. It was red, it was delicious. I ate it. As far as I know I’ve not yet been given notice to leave.

So, I had the apple. I was not supposed to have the apple but I am quite frankly craving sugar, carbs, spaghetti, chocolate, biscuits – you name it. You would not believe how sweet that apple was.  It was GOOD.

I am still on the 1/1, pure protein/protein + veg days. I am getting plenty of exercise – I ran half an hour today, and it’s hilly. And I walk the dog also. But it seems I am STAGNANT, like a lumpy, green stagnant pond, with mosquitoes hovering lazily over the surface. I am stagnating and on a ‘Plateau’

This is somewhat frustrating as I feel I am being cheated of my reward! My prize! My diligence is not paying off! Well, not yet. According to the booook, I must be patient.

Day 14

Back in the UK, different scales which are telling me I have still only lost 5lbs!
However, I am noticeably slimmer, I am wearing a pair of jeans I haven’t for ages, I have been running every day and I have been really good with the diet?
I have had a couple of days where I have had a small bite of veg, we have been out to dinner, and I have also had some oil on my food but they are they only cheats.

I am really pleased with the way things are going even if the scales aren’t rewarding me! I have to bear in mind the hormone contraception I have and my age and another med I take which affects my weight.

I feel like it is a really manageable weight loss programme for me
On Daniels iPad today as my mac is busted, so no superfluous text, funny pics or exciting content as I find typing irritating!!!!! ( and the dog is sitting here eating my hair)

Day 10

10st 7

Half a stone lost since I started 10 days ago.

I am quite pleased with that! Ended up having a large plate of tomatoes and onion with salt and vinegar last night as I was just craving them.

I must admit that it does really keep you feeling full up when you are eating lots of protein. No horrible churning hunger pangs any of the time and that’s strange as when I eat carbs I feel hungry so much of the time.

I have still had water retention and I have historically put that down to eating carbs – I suffer from frequently swollen hands, so now I am flummoxed about that!

What you do get to have every day, which is in fact prescribed, is a satisfyingly large portion of oat bran to have as you like. I have been having mine in yoghurt which makes a sort of porridge. This you can sweeten with candarel. It certainly satisfies a sweet craving and a carb craving.

You also HAVE to walk 20 – 30 mins every day. You don’t have to do any more than that although I have chosen to add runs into my day as I love running. I have also been doing a little mat work with the teeny tiny Tracy Anderson – those arm exercises, my God……..

Day 9 ( I Think)

10st 9 this morning

Cloudy without a chance of meatballs

Put on a pound? Hello, that was not supposed to happen? Had only protein yesterday, yoghurt and oat bran – as instructed.

25 min walk/run around them there hills and hurt my knee. I am going to have another protein day today and try a 2/1 combination

Finding it hard to sleep still, a strange side effect.  Feeling groggy this morning and the boys are driving me nuts  – thank heavens for kids club……