Enough already

Gloomily I had a bowl of bran flakes this morning. I can’t take no more Ma, I’s feelin’ awful bad.

I haven’t lost any weight this week and I am TOTALLY sick to death of protein. I just can’t stomach any more today. I have decided to give myself a break today, have some carbs, have some veg, relax and try to understand that I am not in any kind of a race with anyone. It’s just me and the scales and driving myself crazy and craving isn’t going to help me.

I do not consider myself defeated although I can’t BELIEVE how stubborn my fat deposits are.

Survival eh? I’d have thought my body would starve to death MUCH more easily!!!

2 thoughts on “Day 18, the sequel…..

  1. Your so funny Karen! Forget about the scales & start writing stuff! Anything, a book, more blogs, whatever it’s great your so amusing!! Love reading posts!
    ( back with the diet thingy only weigh in once a week, then you only have one day of disappointment if that, not every day) or better still ( like you said, take a break & re address it in a while, in the meantime as long as you carry in exercising like you are & don’t gorge on cakes & biscuits which I’m sure you won’t, you’ll be fine, then carry on when your feeling ready) I agree it’s no marathon! X

  2. Thank you Susanne!
    I managed a really good run this evening. I ran solidly for 30 mins and walked/ran the last 20. Good n’hilly round here too!
    You are right. I am weighing in every week now as it’s too stressful and disappointing first thing in the morning. I have enough disappointments first thing in the morning as it is.
    I will have a re-think in the morning when I am hopefully feeling a bit brighter. Low carbs are def the way forwards but no carbs I am not too sure about. It DOES work but it’s really hard to stick with.

    NO CARBS BEFORE MARBS THOUGH – apparently…………….

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