|Exert from the ‘Dukan Diet’ pages……

 I lost 10 pounds in a month even with a few slip-ups, and for th last few days, I have not shed even a pound!

You lost 10 pounds and I think this is EXTRAORDINARY considering your slip-ups. Moreover losing weight as quickly as you did means your body has to stop in its tracks for a short while in order to adjust to the weight loss process. Your body doesn’t like to see its reserves melting and it takes it some time to adapt. Believe me, this stagnation occurs in every diet, especially when the weight loss is fast, but I assure you the weight will keep dropping at about 2 pounds a week now. Keep at it and come back in a few days to let me know. Until then, make sure you exercise and if you can push yourself that little bit more, it will help you go onto a new threshold faster.

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