10st 7lbs

Today I weakened and had AN APPLE. Just like in the Garden of Eden I was naked in the kitchen, whilst the workmen painted the windows, and temptation visited me in the form of the apple. It was red, it was delicious. I ate it. As far as I know I’ve not yet been given notice to leave.

So, I had the apple. I was not supposed to have the apple but I am quite frankly craving sugar, carbs, spaghetti, chocolate, biscuits – you name it. You would not believe how sweet that apple was.  It was GOOD.

I am still on the 1/1, pure protein/protein + veg days. I am getting plenty of exercise – I ran half an hour today, and it’s hilly. And I walk the dog also. But it seems I am STAGNANT, like a lumpy, green stagnant pond, with mosquitoes hovering lazily over the surface. I am stagnating and on a ‘Plateau’

This is somewhat frustrating as I feel I am being cheated of my reward! My prize! My diligence is not paying off! Well, not yet. According to the booook, I must be patient.


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