10st 7

Half a stone lost since I started 10 days ago.

I am quite pleased with that! Ended up having a large plate of tomatoes and onion with salt and vinegar last night as I was just craving them.

I must admit that it does really keep you feeling full up when you are eating lots of protein. No horrible churning hunger pangs any of the time and that’s strange as when I eat carbs I feel hungry so much of the time.

I have still had water retention and I have historically put that down to eating carbs – I suffer from frequently swollen hands, so now I am flummoxed about that!

What you do get to have every day, which is in fact prescribed, is a satisfyingly large portion of oat bran to have as you like. I have been having mine in yoghurt which makes a sort of porridge. This you can sweeten with candarel. It certainly satisfies a sweet craving and a carb craving.

You also HAVE to walk 20 – 30 mins every day. You don’t have to do any more than that although I have chosen to add runs into my day as I love running. I have also been doing a little mat work with the teeny tiny Tracy Anderson – those arm exercises, my God……..

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