10st 8lbs Readers. TEN STONE EIGHT POUNDS.

That is an amazing loss of 6 pounds in 7 days.

And I have eaten. I had steak and chicken last night. About 45 yoghurts, eggs and bacon during the day and big prawns in garlic and chilli.

It’s felt weird eating only protein. Even though my stomach has been full I felt strangely empty? Last night I was ravenous and craving salad and veg.

Today, at last I am eating SOME VEGETABLE MATTER. Any vegetable matter. Even grass and leaves.

This is called the CRUISE phase. I am now supposed to happily CRUISE along for the next 61 days alternating pure protein days with protein and veg days. 1/1 – my anticipated weight loss will take me down to 9st 4lbs, my target weight.

I like this diet. It is completely scientific and calculated.


Just hanging out with the girls. Quite literally.

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