Phew. Hard work.
10st10 still…….

I have decided to do one or two days more on the attack phase. I am retaining so much water -swollen fingers all day yesterday, and still this morning, I don’t feel like I’ve had a good enough result. I must admit I have been eyeing up the bowl of cherries lustfully and dreaming of tomatoes. I think I will go to the cruise phase tomorrow.

It’s really hard eating just protein! Much harder than I thought but really not impossible. I have had umpteen yoghurts which must be good for my friendly flora!! No fat tums!! But boy do I miss salad. We eat salad every day and I love it. Can’t wait to crunch some cold lettuce.

I had a 45 min run/walk today and it’s really hilly here. Maybe that will help!

Over and out

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