It is cloudy here. If we have more rain I am going home……

10st 10

Lost another pound this morning. I actually am starting to FEEL a bit slimmer. It feels slow but when I think 4 pounds in 5 days, that is pretty fast.

I normally have very poor control when it comes to picking; I pick constantly but I CRAVE constantly. At the moment I am really not craving and I am missing hunger pangs……something Iwas told to expect in the book. Didn’t ACTUALLY believe it though, I mean, that cannot possibly be true! Well, it is. Hardly a tummy grumble at all.

I feel so strangely full of protein even though I have eaten LESS last couple of days, that I don’t really feel hungry.


Word of advice. If you are thinking about starting this diet, remember that you have to adopt one full protein day a week FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE

to maintain all that weight you have lost. Apparently it only bloody works! Amazing.


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