Today’s weight – 10st 12

Sitting here eating scrambled eggs with chilli, quark, smoked mackerel and a tiny squidge of lime. Had my 45min brisk walk with the dog. Wow, having an animal to walk makes the exercise bit sooooo much easier as I HAVE to walk her every day. ♥ GOOD DOG! ♥

Don’t know what’s gone wrong  but I put ON a pound today. Not very happy about that. I must have done something wrong yesterday, need to investigate in the book.

I had quite a lot of yoghurt, ‘0’ fat of course and a super large skinny late from Starbucks in the morning. But apart form that I just had protein – meat and fish and the prescribed dose of oat bran.


Another strange thing, I appear to have insomnia back! Last 2 nights I have found it really hard to sleep, which I haven’t experienced for a long time.


I have had energy, haven’t felt sluggish at all really but boy do I feel weary today from lack of sleep……..

2 thoughts on “Day 3……

  1. I feel like a lot of people see that they gain weight on day 3 and drop it all the next day..hmm I am avoiding the scale until I am through my attack phase so I don’t get discouraged. Keep at it!

  2. I will! I am trying not to be discouraged. I am reading about all these people with weight literally falling off them! But not me – hey ho.
    It is that time of the month so I suppose there may be a reason. Thanks for the support.

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