It is like Grand Central in here this morning. The boys have been busy directing a cast of 3,000 to make a horror movie (or so it sounded)

I cannot believe my eyes!!

I have just stepped on the dreaded scales this morning and I have lost 3 pounds!!!!!

What the………..!!

I ate LOADS yesterday, I even had prawns after my steak last night. I am impressed but surely this can’t be real???????

Oh, also NO FAT FINGERS this morning. My hands are nice and slim and normal!


3 thoughts on “The next morning.

  1. A friend just did this diet and lost loads of weight. However someone else I know did it and felt terrible for the amount of meat being eaten. Very sluggish and poor digestion.. Be interested to see how you get on. I do think we all eat far to many carbs which at the end of the day are processed so many people have mild intolernaces to. Just don’t like the no veg or fruit bit

    1. No veg only lasts for 5 days so not long.
      After that it alternates between pure protein days and protein + veg which is very healthy.
      Lean protein only too, so no loads of cheese like the Atkins. + fat free dairy.

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