5 thoughts on “I have started the Dukan diet today. Follow me to find out what happens next……..

  1. I am also new to blogging and the tools are a bit daunting, I am going to have to teach myself as I go along so bear with me!!

    I will update weight loss and food I have eaten and post some – hopefully – slimmer pictures!

    It is always good to share and if I am successful I hope I can inspire someone else to do the same.

    Its good to be healthy!

  2. A bit about me…

    I have never been overweight fortunately, a few pounds here and there but nothing serious. However in the last year or so I have put on over a stone after giving up running and really getting into cooking! I have a big appetite and now I am 42 my body won’t let me get away with it.

    After weighing myself a couple of days ago and discovering I had reached to max I have ever weighed – 11 stone, I decided ‘That’s it!’
    I read about the Dukan diet and wanted to try it.
    I have never tried a ‘diet’ before. It seems to make sense to follow a n organised diet with long term goals.

    I have about 24 pounds to lose to get to my target weight. It is predicted it will take me 6 months to reduce my weight and stabilise.
    I am anxious and excited! I’d love to be back to my old weight before my last child.

    1. It recommends every day as you are supposed to feel more motivated seeing the weight drop off, however I can see it is exciting to do it once a week.
      For the purpose of this blog I am weighing daily so I can report

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